Putting the draft in craft beer

How do you go from being simple home brewing enthusiasts to creating a game-changing new craft beer accessory that transforms home drinking? Well, it’s something Maximiliano Laurnagaray and partner Pablo Lorenzino found out. With the help of Growler Store growlers, of course. 

“We loved the whole experience of craft beer drinking. The brewing, the hops, the yeast, the aromas, the flavours. We made our own beer and in 2016 discovered growlers.” But soon they decided they wanted to improve how they enjoyed the beer they filled their growlers with at home even more. As a mechanical engineer Pablo thought he could enhance the home drinking experience with a pump. A year of research and development to create a prototype followed. And their Craft and Draft company was born.

“We wanted to come up with an affordable pump so that everyone can enjoy Growlers more. It was as simple as that!”. In 2018 their highly effective pump was launched, slotting in perfectly with growlers to create the ideal drinking experience. Made from the same stainless steel used in breweries and with silicone stoppers that fits 98% of all bottles, mini kegs and growlers, the Craft and Draft Universal Beer Pump is a great addition to Growler Store growlers. You don’t have to lift and pour. It helps to retain the head and carbonation once the Growler is opened and ready to drink. It’s not just drinking beer, it’s a whole experience, just like you would have in a pub or brewery. It’s a real event when it’s set up on the table.”

When they started the business they soon learned that individual beer lovers like themselves were the right target market. Wine shops and breweries began to get interested. As more people began turning up to fill their growlers they talked about the pump. Word of mouth soon spread. “Everyone who uses a Craft and draft pump says the same: Wow! We think it’s a game changer.” Now Maxi and his partners are expanding into Spain and France, and soon will be moving into the USA. But it’s the huge growing market in the UK they're concentrating on mostly. “The community keeps growing and the word is spreading, people love craft beer and being part of the scene.”

Craft and Draft’s mission is clear. To allow people that love craft beer to experience it in the best way possible at home, with a little theatre and a lot of love while helping beer sellers sell more beer and improving sustainability around the world. It’s great to have teamed up with a company that’s embraced Growler Store growlers and found a way to marry two great ideas to benefit everyone that enjoys craft beer. Fancy bringing them together to enhance your home or business too?


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