Craft & Daft supply a versatile and minimalist universal beer pump for take-away draft beer anywhere. Exclusive stopper design, compatible with more than 90% of conventional kegs and growlers on the market. Eco friendly, no more single-use containers, canisters or bottles.


The Air Pump

Designed on 6XXX anodised alloy, this CNC machined component generates moderate air pressure inside the growler, making the beer flow through the pipe. The air pump eliminates the need for single-use compressed gas capsules, also avoiding the need for complex pressure regulators.

The Pipe

It's the only component in touch with the beer. Of course, this must be on 304 food-grade stainless steel. No plastic, no aluminium, no valves along the pipe, minimising the risk of bacteria colonies. Constant section through the full length, ensuring minimum beer turbulence. Optimised length and diameter to avoid beer overflow.

The Stopper

Designed in cad and 3D printed countless times, every single curb of this stopper has a purpose, allowing the pump to be used in more than 90% of the Growlers and Kegs on the market. For serial mass production, high strength food grade silicone was selected.

The Air Bleeder

Taking a radical approach, all valves were removed and replaced by an air bleeder, that is never in contact with the beer. By pressing the red button the overpressure in the growler is released and the beer flow is stopped. This mechanism minimises the risk of bacteria propagation.


The Sleeve

For thermal insulation. 3mm neoprene fabric. Double seam. High strength hem for wear resistance. High elasticity for enhanced versatility. This highly effective insulation sleeve allows you to enjoy your beer chilled from beginning to end. We care about the environment. Several thermal calculations showed us that the bottom cover added no substantial improvement, so we simply removed it, saving up to 30% of neoprene and minimising the use of unnecessary long chain polymers.


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