We use ceramic silk screen printing to apply your logo to our growlers.


This is the process to which applies a ceramic based ink to a glass bottle which is then fired in Kiln oven to bake it onto the glass. Here is the process that we have perfected:

  • Choose a bottle to print on
  • Agree a design to be printed on the bottle
  • Receive a technical drawing placing the design on the bottle
  • Our technical team produces vector files for the screens
  • Printing team manufactures silk screens
  • Printing team uses printing machinery to apply ink to bottles
  • Bottles are heated in the oven for 2-4 hours
  • Lead-time is 4-6 weeks from design sign off​​​​​

We can also offer bottle spraying to get frosted effects or full colour coating. It is then possible to apply an organic print over the coating.

Bespoke Printing Design Details
PDF Proof
Once you submit your artwork we will send a PDF proof that you can sign off before the screens are made. 
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