We get asked lots of questions about our Growler Store growlers. Here’s some of the most frequently asked ones and the answers you need.  


What is a growler?

An American invention that originated in the mid or late 1800s, a growler is an air-tight container typically made of glass, ceramic or aluminium, and usually used to transport beer. Originally, they were made from tin pails. We use high-quality amber glass for our beer growlers and clear glass for our others. 


Why’s it called a growler?

No one really knows, but there are loads of theories. From the ‘growl’ of arguments between barman and punter over how much beer is inside the growler to the sound the CO2 made escaping from the tin pail lid as the beer sloshed around when carried. All we know is they’re a superbly sustainable, handy way of transporting beer and other liquids. 


What are Growler Store growlers made from?

We make our beer growlers from strong, thick amber glass, with a range of sizes, shapes, handles, and stoppers. Amber glass keeps beer fresher for longer as it protects the contents from UV light. Exposure to light quickly reacts with hops to ruin your beer. And we really don’t want that! 


What are the benefits of using a growler?

No bottle or can, just fresh beer straight from the pub, bar, tap room or brewery straight to your own home – there are lots of reasons for using growlers. Using growlers time and again reduces can and bottle waste. So, they’re better for the environment. And as they’re airtight beer stays perfect when you’re carrying it. They also seal in the taste and freshness for a couple of days or more, and counter-pressure-filled, the beer should remain fresh for up to a week, so long as you keep it chilled in the fridge. And, as they’re see-through, you know when you’re running low.


How long does beer stay fresh in a growler?

This depends on the type of growler, how they’re filled and refrigeration. The beer is going to be best in the first two days after the growler is filled, and when counter-pressure-filled, we recommend drinking it within a week. Ideally, you get a glass growler into a fridge as soon as you can.


How are growlers filled?

It depends on where you take it. Each pub, brewery, bar or tap room has a choice of methods depending on the equipment used for filling the growler. Some may choose to sell the growler or hire it to you with a returnable deposit. They may refill your own growler, exchange it for another clean one to fill or offer you a pre-filled one.

Using a counter pressure will reduce the amount of oxygen coming into contact with the beer, with the CO2 replacing the oxygen before filling the container with beer. 

Growlers should be filled to the specified fill level. Overfill and the growler can become dangerously over-pressurised. Underfill and you won’t be getting the amount of beer you’ve paid for!


How do I clean a growler?

Plain soap and water is best, and you can use a baby-bottle brush too, if you like. The sooner you clean your growler once it’s empty, the better. Rinse it out with hot water, then just let it air dry.