5 reasons why people are resisting going to the pub

5 reasons why people are still resisting going to the pub… Could take-away beer be the answer?

Pubs have now been open for over two weeks. There has been a huge surge in people who have missed one of Britain’s favourite past times, with people rushing to the pub to enjoy their first draught beer in a long time. While newspapers are full of images of pub gardens being filled to the brim, there is still a huge section of the population that are choosing not to go to their local pub.

1) Availability issues – Due to COVID-19 restrictions pubs are only allowed to book tables outdoors, this massively reduces availability.

2) Weather – As we are aware British weather can be very unpredictable, so booking in advance for a table and not knowing what the weather may hold in store is a major deterrent for some.

3) Vaccination – Even though most of the vulnerable population has now been vaccinated, half the population still hasn’t.

4) Post lockdown Anxiety – ‘Fear of going out’ is quite simply the fear of leaving the house. In a pre-lockdown world, many experienced ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO), on social events for example, now many of us are experiencing the opposite.

5) Safety – There are conflicted opinions on safety as some medical experts say bars and pubs are places with a high risk of easily spreading COVID-19. 

The big question here is how do you reach the population who would still like to have a lovely draught beer, but don't want to go to the pub to do so? 

We believe glass growlers are a great solution! With all pubs granted a licence to permit off sales throughout the Summer, customers can buy beer to take home and pubs can secure valuable extra sales.  

Glass Growlers are sustainable, refillable and 100% recyclable, making them the Number 1 choice as a reusable container for dispensing and transporting take-away draught beer. Growlers can seal in freshness for the weekend, typically lasting for several days when kept cold. 

They are the perfect take away container for customers to drink their favourite beer in the safety and comfort of their own home.

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