What do Breweries get out of Growlers?

We sell Growler Store growlers to lots of different beer lovers and producers. From bars, pubs and tap rooms to private individuals. But there’s one group of buyers we think deserves a special mention: Breweries. After all, without them there’d be no beer for anyone to transport in a growler – or to drink! We love hooking up with a brewery to supply them with glass growlers. If there’s a better way for people that love microbrewery draft beers to enjoy brews fresh from the barrel, we’re not sure what it is.

Bring on the benefits

Air-tight, environmentally friendly, reusable, and highly brandable, Growlers offer lots of benefits to breweries. And to their customers. The brewer gets to deliver that ‘straight from the tap’ taste to customers, while those taking them home to drink know they’re enjoying the beer exactly as the brewer intended. 


A cool-looking amber glass growler filled to the brim with lovingly made beer. We think it’s a sight to behold. Add the logo of the brewery where the beer was crafted and it becomes the whole package. We regularly create bespoke designs and screen print logos onto our growlers for breweries. It’s a really effective way to show where the beer came from, and keep customers coming back for more. We love playing our part in getting beer from breweries into customer’s homes in specially created branded growlers.   

Packaging that doesn’t cost the Earth

When it comes to running breweries as sustainably as possible growlers can give businesses a real boost. You don’t even need to worry about customer’s recycling correctly. Whether you choose to sell the growler or hire it and exchange for another refill, your customers will simply reuse the growler again and again, revisiting the brewery to help create a long-lasting customer relationship.

Would you like to find out more about what Growler Store growlers can do for your brewery? We’re always up for a chat about all things growler.


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