Growlers Q & A

We’re often asked questions by beer sellers about how they can get the most out of our Growlers. So, here’s a special Q&A just for you.

What are the benefits of using a Growler as a take-away container, rather than selling beer in cans, bottles or mini kegs? 

Glass Growlers are sustainable, reusable and refillable. Of course, glass is 100% recyclable, but the whole purpose of a Growler is to rinse it out and refill it again and again. Cans and mini kegs aren’t refillable and will probably end up as landfill.

What are the advantages of selling beer in Growlers instead of pint milk bottles or cardboard cartons? 

Milk bottles, even with a rubber stopper or cartons with a folding top, can’t seal in the taste, freshness, aroma and any carbonation in the same way as our screw top or swing top amber glass Growlers. 

How easy are Growlers to transport? 

Our Growlers come with glass side handles, metal side handles or metal carry handles on top. Once sealed, they’re easy to carry home, pop in the car or send out for home delivery. Always handle and store the Growler with care to avoid damaging it. Never carry the Growler just by holding the neck. Use the glass finger side handle or metal handle, or the carry handle on top, and always support the bottom. 

What’s the importance of the amber glass of Growlers? 

Amber glass helps protect the beer from what’s often referred to as ‘skunking’ – a natural deterioration of the quality and flavour of the beer caused by UV light exposure. 

Where in the world are Growlers used for drinking beer at home? 

Growlers originated in the US, where there is a huge demand for home consumption of draft and craft beer. Growlers are also very popular in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. 

What is a 64oz Growler? 

This traditional US-manufactured Growler has an embossed filling line on one side of the shoulder marked at 64 fluid ounces. On the opposite side of the shoulder another embossed filling line measures 1.89 Litres. Around 3⅓ pints. 

What is a 32oz Growler? 

This US-manufactured Growler has an embossed filling line marked at 32 fluid ounces. Around 0.9 litres or 1.66 pints. 

What are the most popular Growlers? 

Our best-sellers are the traditional 64oz and 32oz Growlers. They’re made in the US and come with black plastic screw tops (or you can choose black or white enamel options) and either one or two finger glass side carry handles. Also, very popular are the European manufactured 1- and 2-litre flask Growlers with swing stoppers and metal carry handles on top. 

How do I choose between different styles of Growler? 

It’s really a question of the shape, style and volume of Growlers you think will best suit the beers you offer and the tastes of your customers. The US Growers come in two sizes with screw tops. Our others are made in Europe and come with swing top closures with glass or metal side handles or carry handles on the top in 1, 2 or 3 litres. 

What are the price differences between Growlers? 

That depends on shape and volume. Our more exclusive 2-litre Premium Tomahawk and 2- and 3-litre Premium Zeus Growlers are a little more expensive, while the 64oz and 32oz screw top and the 1-litre Classic and 1- and 2-litre flask swing-top Growlers offer excellent value for money. 

Do you offer any discounts? 

As a trade customer, we can always offer you quantity pricing discounts. Just ask. Also, over the year, we regularly run discounts on our normal prices and other special ‘bulk buying’ offers on different Growlers.

How do I fill a Growler? 

The Growlers are factory clean, but we always recommend thoroughly rinsing them in cold water and air drying them before filling. It’s best if you chill the Growler first and slow down the normal flow speed from the beer tap to help reduce foaming and waste. 

What’s the best way to manually fill a Growler? 

Chill the Growler first, purge with CO2 to help remove any oxygen inside the bottle, then fill slowly from the bottom up using a length of flexible plastic hose attached to the bar tap into the bottom of the Growler. This method significantly reduces foaming and wastage, and, once properly sealed, helps preserve the taste and integrity of the beer for longer. 

Is there an alternative to filling the Growler by hand? 

You can use a counter-pressure filling line system like the Silexa [insert internal link]. This should ensure the Growler is filled in a protective environment and extend the shelf life of the beer. If purged, cleansed and sealed properly, a counter-pressure filled Growler should keep beer fresh for up to two weeks. 

Is there a limit to filling the Growler? 

Only ever fill the Growler to the embossed filling line, otherwise leave at least 10% space to the recommended maximum volume. Exceeding the recommended filling level will over pressurise the Growler and risk it shattering. 

What temperature should I store the Growler?

If you’re pre-filling the Growler to order, you may want to store it chilled in a fridge until you can deliver it. Otherwise, always store an empty Growler in a cool dark space on a shelf or in a cupboard or back inside the box. For home deliveries, if you’re leaving the Growler on a doorstep, always ensure it’s out of direct sunlight and not likely to warm up or freeze. Otherwise, it could shatter.

Should I check the Growler for any imperfections before filling? 

Always check before filling or refilling, or after cleaning to ensure there are no cracks, chips or pitting that may affect the integrity of the glass. If you find any, discard it. Remember, once filled the Growler becomes a pressurised container and any imperfections will risk the glass shattering. 

How should I clean the Growler? 

Cleaning and sterilisation of Growlers, as well as your own equipment, is really important. While the Growlers are factory clean it’s best to clean the Growler before filling for the first time. After that use warm soapy water, rinse well and air dry before refilling. 

How should I pour the beer from the Growler? 

When pouring from the glass side finger handle Growler always support the bottom of the bottle. When pouring from the Swing Stopper Growler always grasp the sides firmly and support the bottom. Or apply the Craft & Draft beer pump to the Growler for easy table-top pouring. 

How should I store the Growler? 

After cleaning, store it in a clean, dark, sterile place preferably with the lid or swing-stopper removed. 

Should my customers clean the Growlers before refilling? 

Whether you sell or hire your Growlers, we recommend you clean and sanitise them yourself. Many of our customers prefer to exchange returned, empty Growlers with clean, pre-filled ones. If your own customers clean the Growlers, explain the importance, as grime and dirt not only affects the taste and freshness of the beer but may be a health hazard. 

Are there any circumstances in which I should always clean the Growler myself, rather than relying on my own customers to do so? 

Whether you sell or hire the Growlers we always recommend you take responsibility for sanitising and cleaning them. If you’re using a counter pressure filling system, it’s best if you take responsibility for cleaning. That way there’s no risk of contaminating your equipment and you can always exchange the Growler for a clean one. 

What extra precautions should I take when filling and refilling and cleaning my Growlers during the pandemic? 

Increase regular cleaning of workstations and equipment and intensify cleaning the Growlers and sanitising protocols. Then it’s as normal – follow government guidance, monitor COVID updates, wear masks, maintain social distancing, wash hands and wear protective gloves. 

How can I sell and market Growlers to my customers? 

You can choose to sell Growlers to your customers new and filled with beer for a set price. Or hire the Growler and take a returnable deposit. You can also offer take-away or home exchange and deliveries. 

Are there alternatives to selling Growlers to my customers? 

You can hire the Growler to them with a returnable deposit. Whether you sell or hire we always recommend you exchange the Growler for a clean one when refilling. You can offer take-away or home exchange and deliveries. 

What other ways can I market Growlers to my customers? 

You could start a subscription-based club. Whether weekly, monthly or for longer periods you can provide special offers for take-aways or home delivery services of their favourite beers or the beer with cooked meals. 

Can I brand Growlers? 

Yes, you can. Most new customers start with non-printed Growlers but we do offer a full bottle decoration service. We don’t use labels, it’s all done by screen printing your logo using safe, hard-wearing ceramic inks to your own design. 

Are there any Growlers not suitable for branding? 

We can’t print onto Premium Tomahawk or Zeus Growlers, as they come with ceramic swing tops and rubbers or metal side handles already pre-assembled. So, they’re unsuitable for high temperature curing ovens. 

What’s the cost of screen printing onto a Growler? 

That depends on the number of colours in the design and the quantity you want printed. We offer a bespoke service for large quantities, as well as an affordable flat rate for smaller print runs in one block colour up to 500 units. 

Do you offer storage facilities for printed Growlers? 

Yes, we offer a print, storage and draw down service if you don’t have enough storage space at your premises.

Do you offer any other services that could help my business? 

If you’re a brewer or pub chain owner, speak to us about different options to have Growlers branded with your logo and advertised to your own customers for sale on our website. We can also offer a storage facility on the Growlers you need rather than taking delivery all in one go.