8 benefits of Growlers
  1. Fresh beer exactly as you intend it

A sealed Growler can hold your beer in perfect condition for several days when kept cold. So, customers can enjoy it as fresh as if it was served to them at your brewery. 

  1. Easy to transport

Despite the many sizes or shapes you can choose from, Growlers have a handle for you to carry, and they’re not that heavy when filled. And as it’s airtight the beer stays fresh even when transported.

  1. Better for the environment

Using the same Growlers time and again eliminates can and bottle waste. Less landfill, more sustainability. Great for the planet and great for your corporate responsibility.

  1. Brandable

How does a cool-looking Growler decorated with your brewery’s very own logo sound? We can customise your Growlers so your brewery enjoys the professional presentation it deserves, while every customer takes home their beer in your branded glassware.

      5. Increase profit potential 

Not only can branded Growlers encourage customers to return to your brewery or tap room again and again, you can also create loyalty schemes that can help increase turnover.


      6. Eliminates the middle man

Fresh beer straight from you to your customer’s home. Forget about getting the beer from the brewery to a distributor or shop then onto the customer. It goes direct from your door to theirs. 


  1. Choice of sizes

Your customers can choose exactly how much they want to take home – depending on the Growler Store Growler they choose.

     8. Easy to clean

Give the Growler a good rinse once it’s empty, then all you’ll have to do is use some soap and warm water and let air dry for it to be ready to go again.