Superb sales by the seaside

“We were the first people to bring the Growler concept to Brighton when we started out in 2015. We began with four draft beer lines with a Growler filler. It was a USP for us. People could try before they buy.” So says Jack Cregan, one of the founders of successful craft beer company, Bison Beer.

Co owners Nick Vardy and Jack Cregan 


Started when two friends moved from London down to the coast to open a simple bottle shop, Bison Beer quickly became a stalwart of the Brighton craft ale scene and has grown over the past six years to include a bar, bottle shop, restaurant, and beach bar. All serving the same high quality fresh craft beer they’re renowned for. And Growler Store Growlers have been with them every step of the way. 

“Growlers have played a big part in the business. We were really keen to bring Growlers from London. We’d seen lots of people with them there and we wanted to base the business on them, offering the freshest possible craft beer. In 2015 there were 63 micro-breweries in Sussex alone. So, we saw an opportunity and went for it.

There’s so much great quality locally produced beer and Growlers are perfect for craft beer and micro-brewery beer lovers to enjoy it in the best way possible at home.”

One of the biggest benefits to Bison is how the quality of the beer is preserved in a Growler. The positive word of mouth this generated helped them grow. The striking Growler Store Growler design with the Bison logo also started providing excellent brand recognition around the city and further afield. “People see it and they’re intrigued. They see a big 1.9 litre Bison growler and think “I want one of those”. It’s great branding. I see them all over Brighton. We had orders for over 1,000 in our first year alone. Who knows how many there are out there now?”

All excellent news for them, and us. We’re delighted that the huge business benefits we’re always banging on about have played their special part in such a successful venture. Long may Bison Beer continue to spread the word.

“The Bison Growler underlines the quality we offer. It speaks for itself. We offer a huge choice on draft beers and Growlers keep it in tip top condition until people drink it. We even delivered during lockdown. It worked really well. People bought a filled Growler then when it was empty, left it outside and, like a milkman, we picked it up, refilled it, then dropped it back to their door.”

Beer kept fresh and tasting as it’s brewed to taste on the inside. Great branding and striking, reusable environmentally friendly packaging on the outside. So far the partnership between Growler Store Growlers and Bison Beer has definitely been a win-win!

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