Growlers making their mark at The Filling Station

“I only started the business in April this year, but things are going really well.” After over 25 years in the corporate world of Carlsberg, Mat Kelly knows a thing or two about beer. But he also knew he wanted to do something different. “The landscape of how and when people drink has changed. So, I wanted to tap into it. I saw a great opportunity to offer good draught beer at home, and branded Growlers play a large part in that.”

Seven years ago, Mat and his family moved to the market town of St Ives in Cambridgeshire, a place he was sure was ready for something new, something that guaranteed draught craft beer straight from the tap but at home. The Filling Station was born. A craft beer taproom and bottle shop, The Filling Station is set in the heart of the town where it offers a range of over 200 different craft beers plus filled Growlers from an ever-changing choice of 10 draught beers.

“We pride ourselves on supporting local breweries and offering craft beers that you won’t find everywhere else. Our mission is to bring that diversity of flavour, heritage, and uniqueness to local beer lovers.” They must be doing something right – on their first day they had 1½ hour queues running right down the street!


A strong relationship

One of Mat’s main concerns at the beginning was how customers could transport the beer, so it stayed fresh and perfect for drinking. The answer? Growlers, of course. Mat had seen their use in the USA and Australia during his career, especially at drive-through beer shops. So, he’d been aware of their benefits for some time. He also knew that very few businesses in the UK had put them at the core of their business model yet. 

‘Right from the off I knew they were the best option. They’re by far the easiest way for my customers to buy and transport the beer and keep it fresh. The Filling Station is all about fresh draught beer at home. Growler Store offer the right kit that allows us to provide exactly what we set out to do.”

“Growler Store staff were a great help when we were setting up. They’re highly knowledgeable and answered all my questions. They have a good range of 1 and 2-litre flip top Growlers that really are perfect for our business model. We’ve got two more pallets arriving shortly. Growlers are a major part of our business. We love them!”

Our relationship with The Filling Station has blossomed since day one, and it looks like continuing to do so long into the future. Could Growler Store Growlers be the answer for your business too?

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