Beer Growlers Are Definitely Worth Having


Over the last few years, growlers have become much more prominent in the UK beer scene. Still, as more craft pubs and breweries appear, the market for glass growlers continues to grow.

If you’ve never seen a growler before, you might wonder if this piece of kit is really worth the money. However, there are many ways that a growler can benefit your craft beer experience, some of which you might not have realised.

Here are some of our favourite reasons why a beer growler is most definitely worth having!

Easy Transportation

Say goodbye to plastic cups or jugs – once you’ve used a growler, you will never find an easier way to transport your beer!

Whether you’re at a festival or your friend’s barbecue, you are assured by a growler that your beer is being safely stored. All growlers have glass finger, metal side or carry handles, making transportation so much easier.

Long-Term Investment

A growler is a long-term investment in your beer perusing pleasure.

What’s great about quality glass growlers is that they’re reusable and 100% recyclable. With a good growler cleaning routine, your growler should continue to deliver fantastic beer for many years.

Keep it Fresh

Nobody likes unfresh beer. The growler will maintain the great taste of your favourite craft brew for just the right moment when you decide to open and drink it.

Sharing is Caring

With sizes up to 3 litres, the growler is the ultimate way to share quality beverages with family or friends. With a growler, everyone can enjoy the freshest beer together.

Care for the Planet

Last but certainly not least is the goodness that growlers can do for the environment.

There are numerous environmental benefits to growlers. Firstly, most growlers are made of glass which is 100% recyclable and a great alternative to plastic jugs or mini kegs.

By using a growler instead of buying bottled or canned beer, you are helping the industry reduce the amount of packaging it creates. Transporting a keg of beer is much more economical than hundreds of individual bottles.

Growlers are also designed to last for many years, which means even less waste over the long term.

Ultimately, whether a growler is right for you may depend on how much use you can get from one. If you have a local bar or brewery that accepts growler refills, then this can be a great choice.

If you’re a business that is considering offering growlers to your customers, why not get in touch with our team? We offer a range of wholesale growler services, including bespoke growler designs.