Flip Tops Vs Screw Tops: Which is Best for Your Growler?

Growlers come in many different shapes and sizes. From clear glass growlers to crowlers, there are so many options with various benefits. One thing to consider is the closure on your growler – should you choose a flip top or a screw top?

Generally, most growlers will come with one of these tops. While both are suitable, there are a few different benefits to choosing each, as explained below.

What are Flip Top and Screw Top Growlers?

Also referred to as a swing-top, the flip top is a very common type of closure for a growler made for the European market. The classic flip-top involves metal arms and a latch that allows you to firmly shut the lip and then flip it off when needed.

A screw top growler is any growler with a traditionally-screwed lid, similar to what you would find on a resealable bottle. Screw tops are usually made of metal or plastic. The traditional US made Growler is fitted with a screw top.

Are there any advantages of Flip Top Growler Closures?

Generally, flip tops and screw tops will provide an adequate seal, helping keep the contents fresh.

However, over time, screw tops can wear more quickly and will lose their air-tight quality. Flip tops, because of their more complex design, have a lifespan that can usually match the growler itself. On the other hand the screw tops are much cheaper to replace if necessary and most customers will keep spares in stock.

A flip-top growler has the lid attached to the growler, meaning it is very unlikely to be lost like a screw top.

There is a style element to consider. Many people, when picturing classic growlers, will picture a flip top, so it’s often preferred for aesthetic reasons, also.

The Advantages of Screw Top Growlers

The main advantage of a screw-top growler is the price. Because it’s much less complex to create, a screw-top growler will usually be cheaper than an equivalent flip-top growler.

Both screw tops and flip tops are simple to replace. Replacement tops  will allow you to keep using your growler to its fullest.

If you have any questions about choosing the right growler, be sure to explore our blog or contact our team for more information or other growler questions you would like us to answer.