From finance to filling Growlers

In 2016, when Matt Boot was working in banking, he just couldn’t seem to get hold of the beer he liked in his hometown of Northampton. So, he decided to do something about it. Riding the craft ale revolution, he set up Beer Guerrilla. A hybrid bar and bottle shop created to offer brilliant beers to ale-lovers just like him. Five years on from this swift change of career he hasn’t looked back. “I saw a gap in the market and right from the off I wanted to use Growlers and a Growler filling station. They’ve always played a key part in the business.” 

Now Beer Guerrilla is a major hub for the burgeoning craft beer scene in the East Midlands, offering a choice of eight different beers to choose to fill your Growler every week. “Growlers worked well right away. They were unique in Northampton and proved really popular. We almost couldn’t keep up with demand, they flew off the shelves.” Matt also realised quickly that a big, shiny Growler filler on the bar alongside his branded Growlers sparked conversation and created interest in his brand. And added a welcome touch of theatre to buying beer, especially during lockdown when buying takeaway beer created an excellent excuse to get out of the house to stock up.

There are now around 2,000 Beer Guerrilla branded Growlers out and about in Northampton. “Growlers allow us to offer our customers a great range of fresh tastes and styles and new choices every week. It all helps encourage people to revisit and refill. People like using their Growlers and bring them back to use again and again.” 



A moment that made Matt really understand he was onto a winner, and word was spreading, was when he spied one of his Beer Guerrilla Growlers in the background during an episode of popular Channel 4 property show ‘Location location, location’. “It really hit me how popular they’d become. I got lots of messages after that! Growlers are perfect for us. The beer stays fresh, tastes as it should straight from the tap to the home, and they help keep our customers coming back for more.” 

Giving the beer lovers of Northampton the experience of the finest quality draft craft beer at home is a noble mission for Beer Guerrilla. And we love that we’re playing our part in their continued success. Could Growlerstore Growlers help you launch your beer business?


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