Four Benefits of Branded Growlers for Your Craft Beer

As the craft beer industry continues to grow in the UK, it becomes increasingly important for brands to differentiate themselves. Discerning customers are constantly looking for that next great experience, so you need to make sure your products are being delivered in style.

Branded growlers are becoming more popular than ever before, and can make a tangible difference to your business success.

Not sure how? We’ve outlined some of the biggest impacts a branded growler can make for you below.

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Fresh Beer

We know you want customers to enjoy your craft beer exactly as you intended. If you’re delivering to customers directly to your brewery, growlers are the best way to ensure your gorgeous product reaches them looking its very best.

Our growlers are made with high-quality thick amber glass and come with either screw or swing top closures.  When your customers take away your beer and sit back to pour and enjoy, you can rest assured knowing that your growler has delivered the perfect experience.

Good for the Environment

Everyone knows that we must all do our bit to make the world more sustainable. Increasingly, customers are looking at what brands they purchase from and staying loyal to companies that take a keen eye to being green.

Growlers are the number one way you can show customers that you’re doing your bit. Firstly, glass growlers mean less plastic waste, not just for you but for your customers when they use their growler elsewhere. Secondly, our high-quality growlers can be used again and again, creating more sustainable practices.

Trust us, your customers will appreciate you choosing quality over waste.

Brand Awareness

A growler is a beer aficionado’s best friend. Fans of the craft industry will use their growlers again and again, whether throwing a BBQ at home, visiting a local independent pub or visiting friends.

Now, imagine if that globe-trotting growler had your name on it?

Choosing branded growlers is the easiest way to market your business directly to your audience, in the place where it makes the most impact. It’s a money-can’t-buy opportunity to encourage word of mouth around your brand.

Combining a branded growler with similar loyalty or ‘invite a friend’ marketing approaches is a sure-fire way to grow your customer base.

Encourage Repeat Purchases

Not only does a branded growler appeal to new audiences, but it also helps reinforce loyalty with existing customers.

As mentioned earlier, the quality of our growlers will make sure that customers can enjoy your craft beer exactly as you intended, in a package matching its excellence. You can truly let your beer do the talking.

However, even after they’ve loved your product, the branded growler will stay with them. The next time they want to enjoy excellent independent products, it’s your brand that will be staring them in the face.

Ultimately, a branded growler adds something special for your customers at every stage of their journey with you. From that perfect first sip to reusing the growler for the environment and then to making another purchase, your brand will be with them every step of the way.

Here at Growler Store, we offer glass growlers in a range of sizes for craft beers. We offer a selection of growler designs to match your style, while our bespoke printing service will make sure your brand stands out from the crowd.

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