How Growlers Increase Craft Beer Sales

The growth of the craft beer industry has been nothing short of incredible, signalling it as a key part of the beer market now and in the future.

According to IBISWorld, the craft beer market in the UK hit a record of £1.4 billion just before COVID. Despite a slight drop during the pandemic, the market size for 2022 is still 120% higher than in 2017.

However, as you know, craft beer sales are about more than what we drink. Growlers can go a long way in supporting the sale of craft beers, both straight from the brewery, bottle shops, tap rooms and for bars. In this article, we explain how wholesale beer growlers can help your sales.

Quality Beer

While there’s a lot that goes into a craft beer’s success, ultimately, you still need your customers to love your top!

There are many benefits of growlers for beer but the main one is how it allows customers to enjoy draft beer wherever they are. Growlers keep beer fresh and cold for much longer, allowing people to enjoy their favourite drinks like never before in the comfort of their own homes.

As craft beers continue to become more popular, customers are becoming more aware of what a great craft beer tastes like. With growlers, you can ensure that your beer is reaching your customers in the best state possible.

Honest Marketing

Growlers can also make for an incredibly intuitive form of marketing, taking advantage of word of mouth like never before.

By branding your growler, you’ll make sure your brand appears at just the right moment. Customers will keep their premium growlers with your branding, and if they love your craft beer, there is a great chance for repeat business.

Growlers also serve to spread your brand to others that might see your branding in a more natural setting, such as a barbecue or other social gathering. Whichever way you look at it, branded growlers are a win-win situation.

Creating a Growler Program

To fully take advantage of the power of growlers, it’s recommended that you set up a growler programme for your customers.

A growler program allows customers to take draft craft beers home in your branded growlers. You can offer this as a one-off service or as part of a weekly or monthly subscription including refills.

Growler programs allow customers to enjoy craft beer at home while also supporting local businesses. A regular subscription, meanwhile, can ensure you get consistent foot traffic into your establishment.

For any growler program to be a success, however, it needs to be effectively marketed. Many people won’t know that this is an option, so you should ensure the program appears on a range of materials in your establishment, such as:

  • Exterior signage and boards
  • Food and drinks menus
  • Bars and tables

You may want to create a page on your website or a post on social media that explains how the program works and what options are available. It’s also a good idea to give your growlers pride of place, especially if they’re branded!

Once customers know about your growler program, you’ll want to make sure you can keep track of any subscriptions or expenses due.

Growlers can be an effective way of boosting your craft beer sales, whether you’re a producer or run a bar, tap room, bottle shop or restaurant. Our bespoke glass beer growlers are a fantastic and high-quality choice, so why not explore our range today?

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