Glass Exclusion from DRS Scheme Highlights Importance for Bars and Breweries

Now more than ever, we are all aware of the importance of using more sustainable products. Everybody knows that single-use plastic is bad for the health of our planet, but some businesses are not moving fast enough to remove these products from the supply chain.

As a result, new deposit return schemes (DRS) are expected to come into force in the UK over the coming years. DRS will have a notable impact on businesses using plastic and cans, but with glass excluded in England and Northern Ireland, there is now an even bigger incentive to switch to more environmentally-friendly materials.

What is the Deposit Return Scheme?

The deposit return scheme is a new recycling system designed to increase the number of single-use containers that are recycled.

DRS works by adding a small deposit onto the price of a single-use container, such as a drinks bottle. This deposit can then be reclaimed by customers when they return the empty container to a recycling point, which in most cases will be an automated reverse vending machine.

Most drink containers will be included in the DRS scheme, including plastic bottles and drinks cans. However, it’s been reported that glass bottles will be excluded from DRS in England and Northern Ireland.

For the time being, glass is being included in DRS in Scotland and Wales, but pressure is being put on these nations to change their stance.

Similar schemes have already been introduced in countries around the world. In almost all circumstances, the amount of plastic going to waste has been notably reduced.

Transitioning Bars and Breweries from Plastic to Glass

The DRS is just one part of a wider government effort to reduce the amount of plastic and cans in the economy. While the details are yet to be confirmed, it’s widely expected that DRS, and other measures, will eventually be paid for by businesses seeking to continue using single-use plastics and cans

All businesses should be looking at ways they can reduce the amount of single use plastic and cans they use, not just for the environment but for their profits. Bars and breweries are no different.

Many bars use single-use plastics, particularly during the summer. Items like plastic pitchers will lose their economic viability in the future due to increased recycling pressures.

With so much demand from customers for more sustainable options, it’s unsurprising that we’ve seen many forward-thinking establishments transition from old, plastic cups and pitchers, cans and mini-kegs toward high-quality glass growlers over the last few years.

There are so many benefits to using glass growlers, but the two most important here are their reusability and quality. Not only do growlers allow you and your customers to use them multiple times, but they are designed to ensure the highest quality drink, whether at a brewery or at home.

If you want to show your environmental attitude to your customers and potentially save yourself from complex DRS schemes in the process, why not take a look at our range of wholesale growlers? You can also get in touch with us to discuss our bespoke options.